Having a peer-reviewed publication makes it lot more feasible to get a residency (and good ones) in the US hospital. Almost all the US hospitals required doctors to publish or submit at least one or more manuscripts before licensing. If doctors want to purse the academic medicine, they must be proficient in both the areas of research and writing (papers and grant).

In this course, each student is required to re-write one of the previously published clinical case reports or a review article, and make a presentation. It allows student to overcome fear of communication (more important for foreign medical graduates). This has led to peer-reviewed publications with students in the past. The clinical case reports assigned to
the students will also help student to learn new and unusual clinical cases, examples of good SOAP notes, complex differential diagnoses, treatment and follow up protocols
(good universal doctoring skills).

  • Mention and understand the basic steps of a Literature Review
  • Know how to navigate through search tools/databases
  • Construct PICO tables for a given research study
When: Sun, Aug 7, 2022 · 12:00 PM · Atlantic Time (Canada)
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Marcos A. Sanchez-Gonzalez, MD, PhD, LSSBB

Fmr. VP of Research & Academic Affairs, Director of Continuing Medical Education and Director of Clinical & Translational Research at Larkin Hospital
Dr. Sanchez-Gonzalez has over 15 years of teaching and research experience in academic institutions at different levels, including pre-medical, graduate, medical, and postgraduate medical education. This has allowed him to obtain an insightful understanding of healthcare and medical education throughout the training continuum. He has also conducted research, in both Universities and Hospital settings, from basic to clinical, among others. Also, he has trained Postdoctoral Fellows and graduate students in their research projects, theses, and dissertations.

As an Investigator, Dr. Sanchez-Gonzalez is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Minority Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research (PRIDE- CGE) and grant reviewer. His research interest is to develop comprehensive interventions based on the integration of pharmacotherapy, intended to ameliorate cardiovascular functioning and improve the quality of life of patients living with cardiorespiratory conditions, including asthma and allergies.

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