Job Opportunities in the United States WITHOUT taking the USMLE


Jobs You Can Apply For In The U.S.A WITHOUT Taking The USMLE

Before I give you any information about the job opportunities in the U.S.A, I would like to share my own experience as an IMG. I moved here as an immigrant while I was studying in a medical school in China, and after graduating, when I came back to the U.S.A to live with my family, everything was very new to me. Although I had my green card, I had no idea that I could work in healthcare at certain positions without having to take the USMLE exams. After struggling for a few months, I got to know that I could work in healthcare while I was preparing for the USMLE step exams and this would help me financially too.

We all know how costly this journey is since we have to pay for U-World, USMLE-rx, Boards and Beyond, and many more subscriptions to prepare for the Step exams.But now by using Project IMG you can prepare for everything for free, and it will take off some of the financial burden on students. Despite this, we still have to pay for application and exam registration fees. I think if you can gain clinical experience and get financially compensated, then it can help alleviate that financial burden. Once I got to know about the jobs, I started applying through Indeed and got my first job in an Orthopedic office as a medical scribe. This not only gave me clinical experience in the U.S.A, but also financial assistance and knowledge about the workings of the US healthcare system. For example, I learned the EMR system which is commonly used in U.S hospitals and learned a lot more by working as a medical scribe. Through this article, I hope I can help inform many others who are unaware of these opportunities in the US healthcare system!


Who Can Apply?

In order to apply for a job in the United States, you need to be in the country and need to be authorized to work in the U.S.A. These opportunities are only available for IMGs who meet these qualifications and if you do then you can apply for the following positions in healthcare:

  • Medical assistant

  • Medical scribe

  • Medical receptionist

  • Clinical assistant

  • Covid-19 swabber

  • Medical coder

  • Medical biller

  • Tutor for medical subjects in organizations (like Kaplan).

How/Where To Apply?

You can apply for these positions on websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, or simply apply for jobs on Google or directly on the hospital’s or on an Urgent Care’s website. You can also go in person to a private clinic and ask them if they are hiring. This is beneficial because although you don’t get paid, you can accumulate volunteer hours and possibly network and get LORs (this can help build your CV). 

A Few Job Opportunity Links in New York:

Following are some of the links for job opportunities available for IMGs:

Essen healthcare 


New York state of Public Health Corps


Clinical Experience

These might look like a few options, but these are very beneficial for IMGs because it gives us exposure to the healthcare system in the U.S.A. Unlike many other countries, the US healthcare system is mainly dependent on an EMR system to keep record of patients. Therefore, early exposure to this system is very beneficial for us. Furthermore, these opportunities will give you a chance to interact with patients, and assist physicians with minor procedures, and help build your CV.

Possible Job Opportunities Coming Up 

Currently an interesting opportunity is arising for IMGs in Washington. Many IMGs are working to pass a time- limited clinical experience license bill with certain requirements. This bill has already been passed by the state, but it has not become effective yet. As of right now it’s in the initial stages, but soon it will be implemented according to the IMGs currently working on this bill. 

The following are the requirements for the limited time license:

1.    People who already have passed all USMLE step exams and have lived in Washington state for at least 1 year.

2.    Provides valid proof that the applicant has graduated from a Foreign Medical School.

3.    Is willing to submit and undergo a full background check

4.    Once you are licensed, you can only practice under the supervision of a physician licensed by the state of Washington.

5.    The supervising physician is able to oversee a maximum of two IMGs within the same nominating facility 

6.    The time-limited license will be valid for only two years and then may be renewed once more by the commission upon application for renewal

These are some of the main points regarding the bill passed in Washington and below is the link for bill which you can read thoroughly: https://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2021-22/Pdf/Bills/Session%20Laws/House/1129-S.SL.pdf?q=20210907143442

Illinois also passed the same law for IMGs for a temporary license which is valid from January 10, 2022 to May 31, 2022 or until the expiration of the Gubernatorial Covid-19 disaster proclamations.

Below are the links regarding this bill: 

Application: https://www.idfpr.com/Forms/DPR/F2466.pdf 

Proclamation: https://www.idfpr.com/Forms/COVID19/Proclamation%20IMG%20Delegation%201%2010%2022.pdf

I hope my experience can help all of you!

Written by: Iqra Ashiq, M.B.B.S

Instagram: @the_hustling_img

Edited by: Shivani Mehta

Instagram: @dr.mehta

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