Ambassador benefits:

1. Access to Project IMG's exclusive ambassador group to discuss the community's global growth strategy. 

2. Expand your personal and professional network of medical students and graduates around the world.

3. Develop leadership skills and attaining prominent stature in the IMG community

4. Present Project IMG at local, national and international educational venues and conferences. 

5. Increase your personal brand recognition by being featured on Project IMG platforms.

6. Enhance your curriculum appeal by adding your Project IMG Ambassador role. 

7. Receive an official Project IMG Certificate of Recognition 

8. Receive a Letter of Recognition from our clinical advisory board.

University benefits:

1. Participating in the fastest growing international medical community. 

2. Getting prominence as an equitable institution with their logo featured in our platform.

3. Providing students access to our platform and educational resources.

4. Access to our learning management system where students can access online courses from prominent US medical schools and healthcare institutions and receive certificates of completion. 

5. Host webinars for Project IMG members representing over 80 countries around the world.  

6. Provide students access to clinical training opportunities provided by our teaching faculty network made up of board-certified teaching physicians in the US.  

7. Promote your university and events to our 35,000+ members on our online community platform. 

8. Enable your students to receive exclusive membership status that provides discounts and special promotions on our medical education programs. 

9. Access to Project IMG’s journal and get published in our own international medical magazine.

10. Project IMG will provide guidance to students and university administrators that are interested in learning about the pathway to US residency. 

11. Join Project IMG’s research society and participate in research courses and publications. 

12. Access to our weekly wellness meetings with yoga, meditation, reading, discussing books and beyond.

Ambassador Program

Project IMG provides diverse and equitable access to the best talent in the world seeking to join the largest growing international medical community. Joining Project IMG’s Ambassador Program is the best attestation of meaningful work towards completing the education of the next generation of physicians serving communities with excellence in clinical care and exercising their cultural and linguistic concordant care.